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It’s a miracle! February 7, 2011

Posted by Ezra Resnick in Religion, Superstition.

Imagine that while you and your family are away on vacation, a friend burns your house down. Would you feel the need to thank him for it?

Ikea’s Netanya branch burnt to the ground Saturday in a fire that cost the company over a $100 million, but CEO of Ikea Israel, Shlomi Gabbai, sees the positive side.

“The fact that we are a company that observes the Sabbath and has a kosher only restaurant protected us. A great miracle happened here in that the fire broke out on the Sabbath when the store was closed, so no [one] was killed or even injured,” he said.

A great miracle

Let me get this straight. Good things happen — praise the Lord; bad things happen — praise the Lord. It is a miracle!

Here’s a thought for you, Mr. Gabbai: maybe your store burned down on a day it was closed because on any other day, the fire would have been noticed immediately and extinguished before it got out of control?

And by the way, I know plenty of non-kosher, Sabbath-desecrating restaurants that are alive and well, so maybe a 24/7 seafood diner will do a better job of “protecting” your establishment next time.

The only miracle here is that intelligent people fall for this racket.

(via Religion and State in Israel)


1. Guy - February 7, 2011

I know a lady who said it was a miracle when the devastating Carmel fires were finally extinguished. I heard of a miracle in which a fire CAN’T become extinguished (see Parashat Shemot for details), but never one in which a fire IS extinguished. 😉

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