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The formula May 13, 2011

Posted by Ezra Resnick in Politics, Religion.

Good news! The religious troubles of the Mideast will soon be solved:

A delegation from Israel comprised of rabbis, sheikhs and a priest resolved in Istanbul on Thursday to form an interfaith convention — along with their Turkish hosts — that will arbitrate disputes in the Middle East and Muslim world to counter religious extremism and promote peace.

The Israeli delegation was led by Deputy Minister Ayoob Kara, and he knows what needs to be done:

“Through joint efforts, we must find the formula to cancel the legitimacy of people who use religion for religious extremism and bring disasters upon the world,” Kara said after the joint press conference wrapped up a round of meetings.

Wait, let me guess: the “formula” is to stop making unsupported claims about the nature of the universe, to take religion out of politics and public affairs, to give all children a broad scientific education free from indoctrination, to stop demanding that religion be given special privilege and respect, and to promote critical thinking instead of faith. Am I right?

“When a supreme body that will force all to act according to the Creator’s will shall be formed, the level of religious extremism will drop since God commanded us to not murder and use his name in vain. These imperatives have become vague after certain people used God’s name in vain to break the most important commandment of not murdering, and turned the world into a killing field in the name of God,” [Kara] added.

Oh, that’s definitely better — my mistake. Interfaith rules! Just remind me again, which Creator are we talking about? And what exactly is his will…?


1. Ophelia Benson - May 14, 2011

I shouldn’t laugh, but…

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