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My faith dispels any doubts September 2, 2011

Posted by Ezra Resnick in Belief, Religion.

A Pakistani mother explained her position on female genital cutting to Newsline:

“I have two daughters and five nieces, all circumcised by doctors. I do not consider it a human rights violation because, according to our religious teachings, it has been divinely ordained. My faith dispels any doubts that some might put in my mind,” says Shaheen Abdullah.

This is exactly why religious faith is so pernicious: it dispels doubt, where doubt is really necessary. Faith makes it okay to believe things with no demand for evidence or rational argument or critical thinking. Why is it justified to cut the genitalia of little girls? Because our religious teachings say it is divinely ordained. How do we know those teachings are true? And why would divine ordination make a thing right? Don’t doubt — have faith.

(via Butterflies & Wheels)



1. Sarah - September 5, 2011

Yep. People are never certain of anything without religion. People never do anything without questioning it thoroughly unless they are religious. In fact, new evidence shows that people never do anything *wrong*, except when religions involved. ‘Tis terrible.

Ezra Resnick - September 5, 2011

My point is that religion encourages its followers to be uncritical, by making a virtue out of faith. This results in people believing very strongly in things for which there is no good evidence. And unjustified beliefs can lead to actions with horrifying consequences. It is not an accident that the people genitally mutilating their daughters are virtually always religious.

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