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Backlash December 23, 2015

Posted by Ezra Resnick in Politics.
  • “Donald Trump Faces Immigration Backlash from Tech-Billionaires” (December 1)
  • “Leaders Warn Against Stereotyping and Backlash After San Bernardino Shooting” (December 3)
  • “‘Thoughts and Prayers’ Backlash After San Bernardino Shooting” (December 3)
  • “Coke pulls offensive Christmas ad but faces backlash from indigenous rights group” (December 5)
  • “Dems Fear Backlash Over Obama’s ‘Weak and Unclear’ Plan to Defeat ISIS” (December 8)
  • “Donald Trump’s Anti-Muslim Demand Sparks Sharp Backlash” (December 9)
  • “Backlash Over Santa ‘Ban’ at NYC School a Misunderstanding” (December 14)
  • “Virginia county closes schools as Islam homework draws backlash” (December 18)
  • “Wisconsin mayor faces backlash for calling Obama a Muslim” (December 22)
  • “Obama administration’s proposed insurance reforms incite industry backlash” (December 22)
  • “Family faces backlash for controversial Christmas photo” (December 22)
  • “Clinton’s Hispanic outreach sparks online backlash” (December 22)
  • “Trump Faces Backlash Over Sexually Derogatory Remark About Hillary” (December 23)
  • “Michael Sam Tweets Major ‘Star Wars’ Spoiler, Draws Fiery Backlash From Followers” (December 19)


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